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When visiting Texas, the sight of the iconic flag of the “Lone Star State” is impossible to ignore. Famous the world over, the flag is proudly flown by its citizens and businesses alike, even outside its borders. The same can be said for the flags of New Mexico, Arizona, Maryland, California, Colorado and a few others of note.

Then there’s Utah’s flag. When was the last time you saw the flag being flown by a private business or citizen (*only 4% surveyed have ever flown a Utah state flag)? Surveys have shown that most adults cannot name the majority of elements and symbols on the flag (*only 12% can identity all symbols). Do Utahn’s even like their flag (*only 4.5% either love or like the Utah flag)?

Unfortunately, Utah’s flag is not a symbol of state pride, unity, or identity (*86% do not feel pride or identify with the state flag). Rather, it is just another one of the many unremarkable state flags in the Union.

But we can change that. Today.

*Survey results received January 2020 - more info found via "Survey"