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Provo, Utah -

The Organization for a New Utah Flag ( have officially announced their proposal and design for a new Utah state flag.

A classic, yet bold, redesign features a prominent Beehive against a red, white, and blue backdrop. The design tells the story of Utah’s unique history through symbolic imagery and coloring that the Organization calls “a design worthy of Utah.”

The Organization’s Chair, Richard Martin, said, “We wanted to design an impressive new state flag that would meet all the criteria; that is, to be colorful, bold, simple, and unique, while honoring Utah’s unique history.”

The proposed design tells the story of Utah and its history through seven symbolic details. The Beehive represents Utah as the “Beehive State” and the state’s motto of “Industry.” The largest element of the design, it makes the flag instantly identifiable as belonging to Utah. The red star represents Utah’s statehood in 1896. The “1847” exhibits Utah’s pioneer heritage, and the origins of its founding. The crossroad design symbolizes Utah’s place as “The Crossroads of the West” with the joining of the Transcontinental Railroad at Promontory Point.

The red in the lower quadrant of the flag represents the red rocks of Southern Utah. The white in the upper quadrant of the flag represents the snow capped mountains of Utah. Finally, the blue found in the crossroads design represents tradition and the Great Salt Lake.

The Organization is hoping to gain traction with a bill to state representatives that will have the flag officially passed in the current legislation period.

“In order to keep the design simple, you can’t be all things to all people,” said Martin. “You have to let the colors and symbols speak for themselves. It’s easy to overthink a flag’s design via a time consuming and potentially costly, committee or commission. This is why we’ve already spent private funding on hundreds of professional designs from a group of professional designers before presenting our proposed flag.”

Martin elaborates, “You don’t have to ‘say it’ to ‘be it.’ For example, a state flag should never have to write out its own name, as the current flag does. Like the ‘Lone Star’ flag of Texas, it should be obvious who the flag belongs to.”

“Our focus groups have proven that the vast majority of Utahns do not identify with the current flag; most can’t name more than one or two elements on the flag,” Martin stated.

When the Organization showed focus groups the proposed design, the reaction was overwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic. Summarizes Martin, “They don’t just like the flag, they love it!”

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A PDF Document is available via this clickthrough hyperlink.