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  1. Utahns do not personally identity with the current flag.
    Proof: The average Utahn cannot identify more than one or two symbols on the current flag.

  2. Utahns are not proud of their flag.
    Proof: They do not fly the flag at their businesses or homes, unlike the people of Texas, California, Colorado, Maryland, etc.

  3. Instead of being unique, it is generic, an overly designed relic from a bygone age.
    Proof: Utah’s current flag is nearly indistinguishable from over 20 other state flags. Flag design experts and casual observers alike consistently rank Utah’s flag in the bottom half of U.S. state flags.

  4. Utah misses out on marketing and monetary opportunities due to its current flag.
    Proof: Unlike the states of Texas and California, the lack of a desirable flag equates to few flag purchases. This means that Utah gets little promotion outside its borders from having the flag or its symbols on merchandise and clothing. This not only decreases Utah’s internal economy, but potential tourism expenditures as well.

  5. Our children can’t draw the flag, unlike the noteworthy, and easy to draw, flags of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, etc.
    Proof: Ask yourself when was the last time you saw a child draw Utah’s flag?