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On March 4th, 20201, the Utah Legislature passed S.B. 48, officially making our flag design Utah's 125th Anniversary Commemorative Flag!

This was an effort that took our Organization many years to complete, from an initial small idea our Founder and Chair, Richard Martin, had through to "V-Day" on March 4th. There are so many incredible individuals we'd like to thank through our journey along the way, but those we want to thank first and foremost are YOU. Without your support and interest in this cause, this likely never would have become a reality, and we share in this victory with you.

As we look forward to the future, Utah will have a new flag. For now, ours will fly high throughout 2021 in celebration of Utah and its special history.

Will our design become the official State flag in the future? Will something similar to ours win out? Or will something radically different emerge as the winner? Time will tell, but for now we all accomplished something special together, and look forward to seeing the flag become a part of Utah's history and heritage for generations to come.

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