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The Organization for a New Utah Flag was established in February 2018. Its primary goal was to design and implement an impressive new state flag for Utah. Money was privately raised to hire professional designers in collaboration with the Organization, and it was only after nearly a year's worth of efforts did others begin to become involved and an initial design was created.

The first part of the Organization's goal was realized in January 2019 with the presentation of our initial proposed design to the State of Utah. In 2020/21, the Organization proposed an updated design from public feedback to be Utah's commemorative state flag the state's 125th anniversary beginning in 2021. This design was approved by the legislature and flew throughout Utah and on the Capitol in celebration of Utah throughout 2021.

The Organization continued to be involved with the development of the new flag that passed as SB31 on March 2nd, 2023. The Commemorative Flag's designer and son of the Organization's founder, Jonathan Martin, would become one of the three principle designers for the final flag's design. One of Jonathan's other's designs, a red/white/blue design with three mountain peeks which included the first appearance of the now official "Beehive Crest," was among the 20 finalists unveiled in late 2022 and was the #1 flag design as voted by the public and legislature.

Richard T. Martin, a former candidate for Utah governor, is the Chair and Founder of the Organization for a New Utah Flag, and it was through his initial idea and efforts that the campaign to create and implement a new flag for Utah began.

You can purchase your own Utah state flags - both the new State Flag and the Commemorative Flag - by visiting the shop here:
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