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A selection of our designer's favorite alternate designs they created, including two that were in the Top 20 finalists flags from the State's "More Than a Flag" effort in 2022. Many of these designs also showcased the first iterations of the "Beehive Crest" that would ultimately be incorporated within the final design. Browsing through the designs showcases an interesting snapshot of the evolution the designs went through to get to the final flag design, which is included as the very first design. Viewing these designs makes it clear how involved our designer was with the final design process. Many of these designs would have made excellent alternative options while still preserving many of the proposed symbolic elements that were important to the people of Utah.

From the very origins of the project, we knew that any new flag design for Utah had to have a prominent Beehive. Like the "Lone Star" of the Texas flag, or the "Golden Bear" of California, there are some places in our country that are defined by a symbol. Utah, with its Beehive, is one of them.

Thus, you'll notice that all our designs feature the Beehive in some shape or form.

In regards to our favorites, they essentially come down to personal taste. While most tell a story in some form or another, some of what we considered to be the best designs were also the simplest that didn't do more than declare that the flag belonged to Utah, aka "The Beehive State."