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Design Catalogue

A wide ranging library, from good to bad and everything in-between, of the numerous early designs worked through and considered for our proposal for Utah's new flag during our early process that began in February 2018 through early 2019. Explore the large variety of designs and colors considered and worked through during this process, and see the origins of what ultimately emerged into our accepted design.

Some flags designs were too similar to current designs. Some evoked feelings and emotions that maybe weren't quite aligned to Utah or its history. Some were simply overdesigned or underdesigned, thus not creating a strong identity for Utah's new flag.

A large swath of colors, were also considered. Black. Green. Baby blue. The Cougars. The Utes. The Aggies. All these color options were explored, along with numerous design combinations. Phrases, dates, and more were also looked at, including elements from the current flag, such as the sego lily flower, as well as Native American imagery.

Hopefully, as you have taken the time to explore the numerous designs and options we went through during our process, it becomes clear that strong storytelling, a perfect balance between clean and bold, and a design that isn't overly thought out or complicated ultimately prevails.