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On March 2nd, 2023, the Utah State Legislature passed SB31 into law, officially giving Utah a new state flag. This was an effort that began in early 2018 by our organization that saw many victories along the way, including the passing and flying of our Commemorative Flag design in 2021, as the people of Utah caught the vision of what a new state flag could do.

With imagery rich in symbolism and history, the beautiful new flag was a collective effort by tens of thousands of Utahns who love their home state and were excited about becoming a part of the process. Now that the journey is complete and Utah officially has a new flag, the time is now to really and support under one banner that can clearly be recognized to everyone around the world as Utah's.

We ask that you join us and thousands of others in supporting this worthy and unique cause moving forward, that will be looked at with favor by Utahns and non-Utahns alike for generations to come.

Show your pride in Utah by purchasing and flying your own Utah flag today via the shop here:
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